May 20, 2018


Grab your homegirl, sister or sister-friend. Enjoy a cup of coffee, a few refreshments and be ready to spend an afternoon being uplifted and encouraged to become the best version of yourself through self-care and self-development strategies.

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16 things you would never learn about me from social media

May 11, 2018


1. Somewhere between 2006 and 2008 (I’m old and my memory isn’t cooperating), Bun B cussed me out while I was working as a production assistant on a video shoot. My minor in college was Radio, Television and Film...

R E A D   M O R E

The botanical based line
that has my skin living its best
melanated life

May 3, 2018


As long as this brand is making products…Unless there’s some unforeseen, unexpected reason…Until further notice…I will only be using their facial cleanse.

I love the face wash, but there’s another product that I love even more. It’s almost like falling in love and getting married to your significant other and then having a baby and feeling like you grew a whole new heart!

Yall. Yall! YALLLLLLLLUH! This stuff has to be sprinkled with unicorn fairy dust or mixed with drops of water from the Jordan River, or something. Can’t nobody tell me different. IDC. IDC. IDC. I DO NOT CARE!



The Brand that Got Removing Product Build-Up From Natural Hair Right!!

April 30, 2018


My hair is easily weighed down by cream based products. However, during the cold months I have to rely more on creams for protective styles and twist outs because my go-to style (wash n’ go) becomes more of an inconvenience.

In January, I began to notice a change in my hair. It was lifeless, dull and just wouldn’t curl the same.


Redefine Your Happiness
Initiative Feature

April 12, 2018


Redefine Your Happiness is a collaborative social media campaign started by mental health advocates, Cherina Darrell-Sutherland (www.cherinahonestly.com / @cherinahonestly) and Juanita (www.halffullnotempty.org / @hfne_). I had the pleasure of being featured as one of 18 social influencers who want to change the narrative and share their thoughts & ideas on happiness.


8 Ways Self-Care Can
Make You a Morning Person

April 9, 2018


I will be the first to admit that early morning is not my favorite time of day. Oscar the Grouch ain’t have shit on me before 10:00 AM. I would have my alarm set to go off in 10 minute increments for an entire hour on my iPhone and still hit snooze, lol!

I have been intentional about following this routine for the past three weeks and I can never go back to the way my mornings were before. I'm able to check off quite a few boxes on my self-care list before 8:00 AM and I'm sure the people that deal with me on a daily basis benefit from it too, LOL. So, let’s get into it.


2018 Life Update: Movin' on Up

March 29, 2018


If you follow me on Instagram (@itsjoypersonified) then you know that 2017 ended on a sour note and 2018 got off to a VERY rocky start for me. Hefty financial strain from an unexpected situation a few weeks before Christmas. Past emotional abuse triggers. Downright disrespect. Mercury was also in retrograde but I don’t think my frame of mind at the time helped much either. By mid-January, my heart raced what seemed like a mile a minute from the time I placed my feet on the ground to get out of bed, until I climbed back into bed at night.

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Lips. And, facial expressions. Priceless, apparently, soul-piercing facial expressions.

February 22, 2018


I developed a hyperawareness of my facial expressions and my lips at a very young age.

In the sixth grade my hyperawareness was traded in for shame. I remember the exact moment someone of the opposite sex made me uncomfortable with part of my womanhood for the first time. A boy in the eighth grade told me that I had DSL’s. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, DSL is a moniker for the term dick sucking lips. Yes, he was an absolute asshole for what he said. Did he intend to be the cause of an experience that would change the way I saw myself? Nah. But, the damage had already been done. For at least the next four years, I did as much as I thought I could to draw as little attention as possible to my lips.

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Chriss Zoe Discusses Starting Her Business, Positive Body Image, Healing After a Past Relationship and Making Big Moves in 2018

February 8, 2018


My name is Christina E. Rogers. I am an entrepreneur and a creative. I sing, rap and write songs. I’m a published author and CEO of my own clothing store. I also love and live to inspire others.

Alicia: You’ve been very open and honest about a series of life changing events that have occurred in recent months. What has been essential in keeping you uplifted through it all?

Christina: I explained this to a close friend last night. I went through a HORRIBLE situation. The life I knew and built for years was ripped from me, in an instant, due to domestic violence...

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About Me: I’m a millennial naturalista learning to love something new about myself each day while living in a society that perpetuates the idea that I shouldn’t. Joy Personified is an inspiration-led community for women who embrace their natural hair, as well as women who are committed to self-care.


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