What is Joy Personified?


Am I the only one who still finds it crazy how one day one person can be such a huge part of your life and then the next, for whatever reason, time seems to just slip away from you? You look up and months, sometimes years have gone by since you’ve been in contact. Not because there was some sort of conflict. You both understand and respect that the other person has plenty going on in their own lives.

When you finally have a chance to really reconnect it’s as if you’ve never missed a beat, right? Doesn’t it just feel good to step out of every other role you have (wife, mother, etc.) for moment and just be a friend? Man, it’s one of the best feelings in the world to me.

This past weekend, I had the chance to spend time catching up with a friend from college. Majority of our conversation I don’t care to share. We both have plenty bones that need to stay buried. When I was bringing her up to speed on things with me, she asked me a question and it only made sense for me to share my response here.

“What does Joy Personified mean?”

I could give this long, drawn out, verbose explanation as to how I came up with the name of my blog. I’m going to let Beyonce do some of the work for me. Look now, I couldn’t quite figure out how to clip the sound bite I needed for this post. So, you’ll find the definition of Joy Personified between the :52 and 1:15 mark of the below audio. But, go ahead and listen to the whole song. You know you want to. And, if you don’t...Well, you’re just weird. We check Beyhive credentials ‘round here. But, I digress...

One thing I have always been certain of was how I wanted women to feel when they read my blog. For weeks I went back and forth on names I felt would truly define the core mission. So, during one of my many infamous car concerts it hit me. The feeling that Beyonce describes in the refrain (Google it) of the song Shining is exactly what Joy Personified means.

We all essentially want many of the same things out of life. Love, peace, financial stability, right? Unforeseen circumstances, tragedy, obstacles, etc. None of those things discriminate. We all go through tough, devastating and even life-altering experiences. What makes us different is what we learn from the unfortunate events in our lives and if/how we use them to make us stronger.

Remember the last time you felt like you had no way out of a situation? But, God made a way for you, didn’t He? He did it the time before that, the time before that and the time before that.

Joy Personified is all about women sharing experiences. Sharing how they pushed past tough times. Sharing encouragement and advice with women who might have similar experiences. Sharing how women have used these experiences to fuel their purpose and passions in life.

Sharing women’s stories is my purpose and Joy Personified is my passion. I have some amazing women lined up for my feature posts. I CAN NOT wait to share them with you.

It is my deepest heart’s desire that as Joy Personified continues to unfold that at least one woman finds some sort of inspiration she can apply to her own life.

Love you, mean it.