The Manifestation of Joy Personified


This year, I decided to make a vision board just for Joy Personified. I love the finished product. I’m so happy with it, I have it sitting on the mantle in my living room. I have to walk past it every morning which is the perfect reminder to keep pushing toward my goals.

There’s no iron clad instructions on making vision boards. Some people use different size poster boards and stop there. Others take their vision boards and place them in frames. I think that’s a nice touch. I used a canvas I had left over from my ‘paint & sip’ themed birthday party last year. The canvas seemed like a no-brainer. A woman with a huge afro, holding a pencil, was already sketched on it. Using the canvas as my vision board brought it to life.

Let’s get into what I want to manifest for Joy Personified.

Director’s chair and bullhorn - (MY ULTIMATE GOAL!) I want to film a documentary. There’s one particular story I wholeheartedly believe I was put on this earth to tell.

OWN/Oprah – That documentary I just mentioned…It’s meant to be on OWN or be put into the hands of Oprah.

Essence Magazine – I want be featured in Essence. I’m not going to put a timeframe on this one. Nor am I going to be specific as to the reason why I’m featured, but it’s something that I aspire to do.

Photos of women – They represent the women from all walks of life I want to inspire, encourage and connect with.

Event Space – This represents my desire to facilitate opportunities for women to have a safe space to discuss their experiences and fellowship with other women.

Sally Beauty, Philosophy and Design Essentials Naturals – Brands I want to partner/collaborate with in some capacity.

Empowered women empower women – Self-explanatory.

Beautifully connected – The stories I want to share will allow women to turn their pain into purpose by inspiring another woman. Facilitating spaces for women to share their experiences will do the same.

Good Things Take Time – This will serve as a reminder when I’m feeling like I’m not as far along as I should be on my journey as a blogger and creative.

You Are My Sunshine – That’s how I feel about Joy Personified.

*Cues Juicy by Notorious B.I.G*

Sharing my vision board on my blog is just another way for me to put my intentions out in the universe. I can’t wait to look back on this post in a few years and be like “It was all a dream!”

What are you working on manifesting in your life or in your business? Let me know in the comments.