First, of all I don’t subscribe to the ideology of luck. *insert excessive eye roll emoji*
No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. Yes! Thanks for that, Nicki. The saints appreciate you for it. #nickigotbars

I don’t believe anything happens by chance, either. My story was written long before I got here. Everything in my life, good and bad, is all part of God’s greater plan. It’s my job to do the best I can to navigate this life without causing God to say “What the hell, Alicia?!” too much for His liking.

Back to the word at hand.
Serendipity. The definition, in essence, describes what I experienced this weekend. I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmingly grateful. My nieces slept over with Spencer. They drank hot chocolate, watched movies and giggled until well after midnight. This morning, I fixed them breakfast then sent them in the backyard. They ran and played and painted at least a dozen pictures a piece. Per usual, my attention was pulled away from what I was doing as my little one screamed like a wild banshee. Right after I fussed at her, it hit me. I just experienced serendipity.

The life I envisioned at 30, among other things, included two children, a chocolate Labrador and a husband that loved to be surrounded by family and close friends as much as I do. Our beautiful home would be filled with love, laughter and bad ass kids during game nights, holidays and impromptu get together’s for no reason at all. I had it all planned out. Umm, nope. Nope. And, nah, lol.

Although, my life is starkly different from what I imagined, I am the happiest I have been in about seven years. Something as simple as seeing my nieces and daughter spend time together in my home lit a small spark in this space in my heart that’s been on ice for quite some time. It made me realize that while I may not have a love in my life in the traditional sense, appreciating the loving relationships that do exist in my life can be just as fulfilling. Thank you, Father.

The ability to live in the present. To allow life to be my teacher while I’m living it. Finding the love I desire in unexpected places.


Love you, mean it.