Chriss Zoe Discusses Starting Her Business, Positive Body Image, Healing After a Past Relationship and Making Big Moves in 2018


My name is Christina E. Rogers. I am an entrepreneur and a creative. I sing, rap and write songs. (Click play on Instagram post below.)

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I’m a published author and CEO of my own clothing store.


I also love and live to inspire others.

My life was forever changed once I realized that the world was bigger than Third Ward, TX. At the age of 18, I traveled to Italy. I’ve wanted more and more for my live ever since. I wasn’t afraid to step outside of society’s norms to achieve success my way, on my own terms.

Alicia: Many people pay little attention to the initial work put into someone’s success story. Can you share a little bit about the sacrifices you made and a tough lesson you learned when you were just starting out in your business?

Christina: Starting my own business was definitely not a walk in the park. At the time, I was living in Los Angeles and had about 20,000 followers on Instagram. I was signed to a label as a songwriter and also worked as server at a restaurant. I wasn’t making much money and was completely lost on where I was going in life. I took the risk of starting a business by trying to sell lipstick. I quickly realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I decided to try my hand at selling clothing. Instagram boutiques were just starting to pop and I was itching to become part of the fast growing industry. I initially invested $200 that I didn’t have into buying my first few pieces and started selling immediately. The rest is history.

Alicia: What do you feel are essential characteristics for a woman to possess in order to be a successful entrepreneur in any industry?

Christina: Strength, fearlessness and being incomparable. Those three things can catapult a woman in the direction of her own success. They’ve definitely contributed to mine. There were plenty of people, situations and circumstances I could’ve allowed to distract me along the way. But, I chose to keep going and pushing toward my goals. I tend to take emotions out of the equation when it comes to business. I also make it a point to do my own research and be SMART about business decisions.

Alicia: You’re naturally gorgeous, so it makes sense for you to be the face of your brand. You’re also a public figure, in your own right. When it comes to social media, some men feel as if they have the inherent right to make highly sexualized comments. Does this ever have an effect on you?

Christina: I feel like tons of men on Instagram just blurt things out simply to get a response. I know the benefit behind my response. Every comment can be seen by that person’s followers. There’s an automatic open audience for that person. So many things have been said on countless occasions. At this point, honestly, it doesn’t even phase me.

Alicia: Some men also pass judgment on you and/or make comparisons between you and your sister. If you had an opportunity to express why all men need to keep their muthafuckin’ opinions to themselves, what would you say?

Christina: If I had the opportunity to set a man straight, I would just tell them to shut up. Nothing more and nothing less, lol.

Alicia: What would say to women looking for encouragement to accept themselves and embrace their bodies?

Christina: I don’t like when women are insecure about their bodies. It doesn’t make sense to look down on yourself. Every BODY is different and is given to us for a reason. If you don’t like your body, do what you can to change it. More importantly, you have to learn to love yourself no matter what. I’ve had a pudge in my stomach for the longest time and I can’t get rid of that thing!!! So I suck it in for pictures and I know how to pose to hide it. But, I will never feel “unpretty” because of it. It’s part of my body. And, shit I like bread!

Alicia: You’ve been very open and honest about a series of life changing events that have occurred in recent months. What has been essential in keeping you uplifted through it all?

Christina: I explained this to a close friend last night. I went through a HORRIBLE situation. The life I knew and built for years was ripped from me, in an instant, due to domestic violence. Although it wasn’t fair, I had to immediately uproot my life in Houston and move back to Los Angeles. I told my close friend that our minds control everything. The only thing that got me through that situation was my constant positive outlook on life. I knew that I needed and deserved better. I trusted God through every tear that fell and every stab of pain I felt. I am definitely grateful for the experience because now I can use that to empower and uplift other women, not only through words, but through my actions.

Alicia: Have you learned anything new about yourself as you’re going through the healing process?

Christina: I have learned how tough I am. I will fight my way through anything to get to the other side. That’s what I did in my situation. I’m very proud of myself. I also took time to take a deeper look into my unhealed inner wounds and repair them by reading different books, talking about what I’ve been through, etc.

Alicia: Have these series of events caused you to re-define the type of woman you want to be or the type of life you want to have? If so, how?

Christina: Oh absolutely!!! I changed who I was and damn near gave up on my dreams to please someone else. I will never settle for something that impedes upon my aspirations and things I know I deserve in my life.

Alicia: Looking back on the things you’ve been through, what advice would you give to a woman that might be experiencing a similar situation?

Christina: It all starts with you. God is love. He doesn’t want His children to suffer. So, why should a “partner” have the right to be the cause of such suffering? I’ve experienced abuse first-hand and I’ve witnessed abuse from the outside. “Maybe he will get better.” “Maybe he won’t do it again.” “Maybe he was just upset.” I wasn’t going to let a “maybe” run my life. Fuck no! I chose to leave. I had to really make the decision that my life meant more to me. No other human has the right to treat me any less than the way I treat myself. I will never allow that to happen again.

Alicia: Do you have a self-care routine? If so, what does it consist of?

Christina: Yes I do. I work so hard that sometimes I need to give myself a break. I enjoy doing things that are priceless to me. I wake up early and enjoy quiet time. I take time to connect with myself so I can control my mind, thoughts and energy throughout the day. I eat well, go to sleep early and I don’t do things I know will damage my body. I make sure that I surround myself with only things that bring me joy. I buy that $100 plate of oysters and crab. I have that glass of wine by the beach. I also like driving in the hills of Malibu alone. That’s my way of placing myself where I envision my life in the future. I will have a house in the hills one day. I’ll leave my house and go to lunch at Geoffrey’s. Then, take a stroll on the beach before heading back home to work. I’ve gone to Malibu so frequently lately, I don’t even need my GPS to get around anymore, lol.

Alicia: What do you think is one of biggest misconceptions people have about you?

 Christina: Some people believe that I don’t really work hard for the things I have, and that I’m sponsored by a man. Or, that I’m just some “Instagram model.” I hate that title. Like, what the hell is an Instagram model and why am I one? No one has taken care of me AT ALL. I’ve dated a few well-known people and I think because of who they were, I was automatically put into that category. I don’t ask men for anything. I never will. I go and get this schmoney on my own. Even on first class flights, older businessmen will uncomfortably stare at me when I ask them to get up because I have the window seat. I feel like I’m underrated, overlooked in certain situations and not given credit for earning my “success.” But, hey, it’s all part of the journey. This only adds to my story!

Alicia: What is the single most important piece of advice your mom has given to you?

Christina: Out of the many things my mom told me, one thing was to always be ready for anything. This honestly contributed to my life immensely. I’m able to be dropped off on the other side of the world and figure out how to rebuild and make myself better than I was before. Thanks Mom! I just love that lady.

Alicia: If you could pick one word to describe the intentions and aspirations you have for your life in 2018, what would it be, and why?

Christina: Oh man. Bigger. And, Better. I’ve been working hard for 10 months straight. All of the things I’ve been working on are going to pop in 2018. I’m going to go global and make the biggest moves I’ve ever made in my life. I want to reach my goals so bad that I can already smell and taste everything that will be a direct result from achieving them. In 2018, everything is going to be bigger and better than 1988-2017. I’m speaking this into existence.


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