The Brand that Got Removing Product Build-Up From Natural Hair Right!!


*This is post is not sponsored in any way by any of the companies mentioned below. Everything shared is from my own personal experience.*

My hair is easily weighed down by cream based products. However, during the cold months I have to rely more on creams for protective styles and twist outs because my go-to style (wash n’ go) becomes more of an inconvenience.

In January, I began to notice a change in my hair. It was lifeless, dull and just wouldn’t curl the same.


I wash my hair every 5 to 7 days and I was using clarifying shampoos and some sort of treatment every couple of weeks. I figured the texture of my hair was changing

Or, that I was finally seeing heat damage from getting my hair straightened last October.

Being a naturalista ain’t cheap and I wanted to exhaust all my resources (Let’s be real. That’s code for…watch as many tutorials and reviews on Youtube as I possibly could) before I paid a stylist for a consultation and then a separate fee to have my hair done.

My life was blessed with this tutorial right here. I went straight to Sally’s after watching.

I was a little disappointed to find out that the shampoo used in the tutorial is not available in stores. But, there is a Co-Wash in the same line which I love.

The Co-Wash literally melted in my hair and made detangling a breeze. It also left my hair very soft. And, my curls were back poppin’ like they never left!


The one suggestion I have is although, the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse says that it can be used before or after shampooing, I would recommend sticking to using it before. A few weeks after trying the products for the first time, I used them again and when I used the rinse after the co-wash, my hair was full of product build-up and residue. Other than that one small drawback, Hawaiian Silky knocked it out of the park with the Apple Cider Vinegar with Jamaican Black Castor Oil products.

Who’s your go-to natural hair influencer for inspiration? What are your favorite natural hair products that I should give a try? Is there a product you want me to try out and review on the blog and Instagram?

Let me know who and what I should be paying attention to in the comments below!

Love You, Mean It.