Last Good Reads of 2017


Truth be told, I never really need a reason to read. Cold weather, good coffee or chamomile tea (I don’t like hot chocolate), a comfy spot on the couch and a cozy blanket, though…Who could resist wanting to curl up with a good book during times like that?! There are eight weeks left in 2017 and seven books left on my reading list. Let’s get into it!

I’ve actually already read this one from cover to cover. In one sitting. The author of this book is a blogger that I’ve followed for a few years. Reading her novel was a no-brainer. She shares deeply personal stories through candidly written prose and poems. A little over halfway through the book I stopped and cried. You know, the really ugly cry? Yeah, like that. For my own personal reasons but I can relate to much of Brandie’s thoughts and emotions described throughout the novel. Then, as expected, I found healing and comfort in the remainder of the book. It’s my millennial black woman chicken soup for the soul. Brandie has a way with words like no other.

This book was released two weeks ago. It is a collection of essays written by celebrities and other public figures that have been influenced by the former First Lady. With a foreward written by Lena Dunham and excerpts from individuals like Gloria Steinem, Issa Rae, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Tracee Ellis Ross and Charlamagne tha God this book has got to be good, right?!!



This book was recommended to me by a friend and fellow book lover. From what I can tell of the synopsis and reviews, it’s going to be an interesting read. I’m always excited to learn about another woman’s life experiences.





By now, we’ve all seen the gorgeous photos of Sanaa Lathan (who just so happens to be one of my favorite actresses and best friends with an author mentioned below) after cutting her hair for an upcoming movie role. This book is the premise of the film set to release on Netflix in 2018. Books are ALWAYS better than movie adaptations. Nappily Ever After is the first in a series of eight books. I haven’t read a series that I enjoyed in about three years. We’ll see if I make it through all eight.


What I’m Listening to on Audible

I used to think listening to audiobooks was blasphemous among true book lovers. Sorta like cheating on my eyes with my ears, I don’t know. Now, it’s the only way I’m getting into anyone’s autobiography. There’s a whole other layer added to the experience when you hear an author tell their story in their own words out loud.

I’m halfway through this bad boy. It will most certainly be added to my all-time favorites and I think it should be required reading for young black women.






I mean…why not?! #IssaTaughtMe I’m rooting for everybody black. Duh! Now, who do I talk to about getting Yo Gotti to write a book? I highly doubt that he would ever agree to do something like that. But, somebody let him know that I’m here for it!





Last, but definitely not least. We’ve already established that I’m rooting for everybody black. Outside of that, Tiffany Haddish has an incredible life story and she is abso-freakin-lutely hilarious. Can you imagine her telling her life story aloud? I know it’s gone be fire. The Last Black Unicorn will be released on December 5th, but I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.




Let me know what you’re reading right now.

Love you, mean it.