16 things you would never learn about me from social media


1. Somewhere between 2006 and 2008 (I’m old and my memory isn’t cooperating), Bun B cussed me out while I was working as a production assistant on a video shoot. My minor in college was Radio, Television and Film and that’s how I got the opportunity to work on several music video shoots for Houston rappers. I needed him to sign a release form for appearing in the video and he just didn’t want to be bothered. But, I had one job at that moment so I calmly asked a second time and held the form and a pen out for him. He definitely used a number of different four letter words and combinations, but he never demeaned or directed the cuss words at me as a person. I got that form signed, though!


2. Odd numbers and things that aren’t perfectly lined up or symmetrical that could/should be drive me crazy. If I have an opportunity, I will rearrange whatever it is.


3. I HATE wearing heels because they’re uncomfortable AF, and I’m either the same height or taller than some men when I wear them. I will find a way to rock a cute outfit and still feel sexy without putting on heels. Heels are an absolute last resort.


4. I’m socially awkward! I'm the type to reply to a statement like “Hi, my name is…” with “I’m good” and then laugh. Unless, I’m comfortable around you and you’ve been around me enough to identify my quirky, awkward moments. But, don’t get it twisted because…


5. I’m the bull dog of my immediate family. At any given point I’m the lawyer, mediator, therapist, doctor, Come to Jesus meeting organizer and mob boss for my daughter, brother, mama and daddy. Messing with my family will get you f*$@ked right on up.


6. I don’t f@*k with sweet potatoes. No yams, no sweet potato pie or whatever else is made with that strange orange vegetable. I can’t.


7. I can't cornrow, plait or whatever other name there is for it. I can't braid hair onto the scalp. But, I can flat twist like nobody's business!


8. I see 11:11 and 4:44 AM and PM during the most unexpected moments. I believe that’s my grandmother confirming that I’m on the right path.


9. I’m deathly afraid of roaches. DEATHLY. AFRAID. Might actually bring me to tears.


10. I have more Black women that ask to touch my hair than anyone else. So, what yall think yall get a pass? Idk where the hell your hands have been either, Keisha!


11. I won’t use the first sheet on a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Why? I don’t know. I just can’t.


12. I contemplated suicide the day I filed for divorce from my ex-husband. Honestly, the thought lingered for at least a few months after that. Spencer was my saving grace.


13. At this point in my life, attending group meditation is more essential to strengthening my relationship with God than being involved in organized church.


14. I still have recordings of Destiny’s Child performances on VHS tapes. And posters. And Barbie’s. And fan club mail. And magazine covers. And Concert ticket stubs.


15. My first tattoo was inspired by Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope album.


16. No one knows everything that there is to know about me. Not even my friends. They know what I want them to know. As does everyone else. There’s levels to this shit and I like it that way. This year, I shared something with my closest friends that I had been doing for 10 years that they had no clue about and all three of them were in total shock. I’ll share everything with my future husband one day when I’m sure he’s the one.


Can you relate to anything you learned about me? Let me know in the comments!

Love you, mean it.