Joy Personified is a community for women like me who are dying to have conversations about topics that widely affect women yet are rarely discussed, who put the needs of others before their own, or feel guilty about asking for what they need from the people in their life, or insert anything else that causes YOU to dim your inner light or question whether you’re worthy of living the life you truly want to live; and, quite possibly love a good wash n’ go, twist out or protective hair style.






While finding a good balance between being a mama to my five year-old daughter, Spencer, and working full-time you can catch me with my nose in a book, watching a natural hair tutorial on YouTube or writing. I began transitioning from relaxed to natural hair in 2014 and I have been on my own intentional self-care journey for the last two years (the best of my entire life, might I add).

I’m sharing the rest of my journey right here, with you. You comin’ or nah? Love you, mean it.