What irritates me, what really pisses me off is to hear a woman complain about what so and so did to her 5, 6, 7 years ago and use that as justification for the reason her life is a mess. That was me two and a half years ago. But, then I got tired.

I got tired of telling the same stories. I got tired of being ashamed and depressed about my marriage falling apart. The truth of the matter was I just as responsible as my ex-husband because of my own issues I hadn't dealt with. Without even realizing it, I went on this crazy journey of trying to figure out who the adult Alicia was. I feel like I just became whole last year when I turned 30.

I found healthy ways to deal with my baggage, my issues, all the dark parts of my life that were weighing me down.

I want every woman to feel unashamed about unloading the ugliness they’re carrying around and, in turn, become empowered to pursue whatever their hearts desire. Whether that’s to be an entrepreneur of some sort, to go back to school or simply live a life that’s happy and peaceful.

The idea behind Joy Personified is to create a sense of community among women that will inspire them to push past any circumstance to make their own healing and becoming the best version of themselves a top priority.

Inspiration for Self...

Love. Care. Development.

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